Who Are We

Life Experience Network or LifeXP.net is a website with the objective of providing people with the opportunity of various amazing life experiences, tailored to individual requirements. After many years of traveling, exploration, and working abroad in different countries, we have decided to set up this project to inform people about the wide range of activities available in different countries and that many people are unaware of.

We are not a travel agency or an agency for study/work abroad. We provide information about exceptional life experiences that offer enthusiasm for our users. On our pages, you will find detailed information and links of websites.

We offer information and guidance on alternative trips, cultural exchanges, stays in ecotourist areas, language courses, voluntary and paid work, internships, etc. We are specialized in nature conservation, voluntary work, and professional internships in the environmental sector, but we also give information in other work areas.

Life Experience Network supports responsible or sustainable tourism, that is, tourism that respects the environment and the local cultures by avoiding any unnecessary impact. For that reason all the trips that we promote follow this line providing an alternative to the conventional tours and to the overcrowding often associated with them. This kind of tourism, not only promotes environmental awareness and a series of attitudes that are respectful of the environment, but also intends to give resources to the local communities and produce incomes for the ecosystems’ conservation and cultural heritage.

It is important to highlight the fact that all of these organizations have our personal guarantee because either we have experienced them first hand or have received trusted references from satisfied participants. In the process of expanding our contacts, we always take care to choose organizations that fulfill the necessary requirements for a secure environment.