Barcelona Travel Experiences


If you want to visit an exciting city, keep in sight Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia in Spain. It’s the largest city on the Mediterranean shores, and a strategic touristic and cultural center for Spain. However, its historical heritage comes from Roman Empire Era. Barcelona is recognized nowadays as a cosmopolitan city; it has been the scene of international expositions, and in 1992 it was the seat of the Summer Olympic games. Below, we’ll read a compilation of useful experiences some travelers have lived in Barcelona.

How to get around the city

It’s possible to drive your own car, or a rented one while you are in Barcelona, but experienced travelers recommend parking your vehicle, and using public transportation: bus, metro, taxi, or even you can ride a bike to get around. Another good tip is the search for a room or a department for rent (this depends upon if you are traveling alone, or you’re with a bunch of friends).

Barcelona: History and Architecture

Tourists in Barcelona have found impressive architecture, buildings, medieval churches, and other structures testify about city history. A must-see is the bunkers from the Spanish Civil War and World War II. But the highest exponent of Barcelona’s architecture, are indeed the works of Antoni Gaudi, a world-class architect. Don’t miss the poignant church of La Sagrada Familia. Started in 1882 by Francisco Paula de Villar, later continued by Gaudi, is still under construction, and projected to be finished in 2046.

Contemporary Barcelona

Travelers agreed to get a closer look at contemporary buildings of Barcelona, especially those from the late 20th century. Forum of the Cultures, and the impressive District @ 22, an enclave of buildings dedicated to knowledge.

Barcelona’s beaches

Do not forget Barcelona is a coastal city on the Mediterranean Sea. Tourists have found beaches to fit all tastes; from the younger to the elder, and be careful: some of them are nude beach spaces (Mar Bella is an example of that). Nova Icària is a good beach for families. Beaches are very popular destinations in Barcelona, especially in the summertime (Barceloneta, Somorrostro, and Bogatell are very demanded), and you should expect to find them crowded.


The base of many dishes from Barcelona is the coca bread (pa de coca), made with leftovers of bread dough, which are toasted and served in various ways. A popular recipe with coca is “Pan amb tomaquet” (bread with tomato), one of the most popular tapas (snacks) in Barcelona. Coca bread is also the main ingredient in “Coca with Escalivada” (bread with pepper, onion, tomato, and anchovies). Don’t miss Spain’s national dish: Paella (seasoned rice with seafood, vegetables, sometimes with chicken). “Calçots” (chives) with romesco sauce is not only delicious but also funny! try to eat toasted chives soaked in the flavorful sauce, without messing your shirt. Also, you’ll find butifarra (Catalan sausage), black rice (rice with seafood, tinted with squid ink). But you’ll surely fall in love with the Catalan cream: an exquisite dessert made of egg yolks, sugar, and flour, with a top layer of caramelized sugar, flavored with lemon zest and cinnamon. Tradition dictates that the sugar layer must be broken with a spoon.

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